Fire and Water written by J.V. Stanley & A.N. Ramey

J.V. Stanley & A.N. Ramey Fire and Water
Two lifelong poets, sisters, and best friends have fused together to bring you a variety of poems designed to melt the heart and inspire the soul. Separated for a time and coming back together stronger than ever they proudly present, "Fire and Water." The poems touch upon the earthly and otherworldly cares, delving into the complexities of the soul through the various trials faced through love, heartache, and everything in between. Join them on their journey through the dark and into the light. Travel with them through the gauntlet of poetic life with its obstacles at every turn. Each challenge they faced, however, paved the way for them to step forward with fierce determination and ever present love. Their poetry is mostly free-verse, but touch upon various forms such as the Kyrielle, Harrishma Rhyme, the Italian Sonnet, Etheree, and Twin Etheree.
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Die Nacht beginnt!
Meine Traumphase
ringt mit dem Wachen
und siegt:
ich bin wieder da,
Dein Sohn-Dein Bub...!"

Endlich sind wir wieder:
,,Schau' nur:
Ich kann wieder Lachen!
,,Weine nicht",
Papa meint es nicht so,
wenn er schimpft.
Er liebt uns bestimmt...!

Sieh' nur:
,,Ein Photo von uns Beiden!"
,,Mein liebliches Gesicht!"
Dein selbstgestrickter
,,Wir sind Eins!"

Meine dicken-roten Wangen~
Bin ich noch der Gleiche...?

Im Dorf das ,,Rotkäppchen":
Mein rotes Samtkleid,
rote Basketkappe,
meinen Teddi im Arm:
,,Das bin Ich...!"

Mama, sag' doch was!
Wann kann ich:

Der Tag erwacht-
Nebel steigt auf!

Schwarze Madonnen
der Nacht:
,,Gebt mich zurück...!"
,,Nach Hause,
zu meiner Mama!"
,,Denn wir sind: Eins-
Sie und Ich!!!"

Hans-Jürgen Schulz-
* © by Author-
* Photo:
Hans-Jürgen Schulz-
(1952- 2 Jahre alt)-
* Photo-© by Author

the night begins!
My Traumphase
wrestles with the guards
and wins:
" Mutter-Mama ,
I'm back again,
your Sohn-Dein Bub ... !"

Finally, we are again:
',Schau' only:
I can laugh!
"Do not weep", Papa
says this is not the case, if
he swears.
He loves us ... !

You see only: "A
photo of us both!" see
: "My
lovely face!" Your
"home made prolog"
"We are one!" My

thick-red cheeks~
I am still the same ... ?

In the village the "Little Red Riding Hood": My
Red Short Velvet, red
my Teddi in the arm:
"I am ... !"

Mama, say but what!
When can I:
"Wiederkommen ... ?"

The day awakes,
fog rises to!

Black Madonnas
of the night:
"Give me back ... !" "at
to my mum!"
"Because we are: one -
you and I!!!"

* poem- /poem:
Hans-Jürgen Schulz (
Germany)- *
© by author
* Photo:
Hans-Jürgen Schulz (
1952- 2 years old)- *
Photo-© by author--

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