Fire and Water written by J.V. Stanley & A.N. Ramey

J.V. Stanley & A.N. Ramey Fire and Water
Two lifelong poets, sisters, and best friends have fused together to bring you a variety of poems designed to melt the heart and inspire the soul. Separated for a time and coming back together stronger than ever they proudly present, "Fire and Water." The poems touch upon the earthly and otherworldly cares, delving into the complexities of the soul through the various trials faced through love, heartache, and everything in between. Join them on their journey through the dark and into the light. Travel with them through the gauntlet of poetic life with its obstacles at every turn. Each challenge they faced, however, paved the way for them to step forward with fierce determination and ever present love. Their poetry is mostly free-verse, but touch upon various forms such as the Kyrielle, Harrishma Rhyme, the Italian Sonnet, Etheree, and Twin Etheree.
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Fury Of A Wasp

Fury Of A Wasp

Wasp flies furious,
Beating wings in frustration,
Against a glass window pane,
Never getting anywhere,
Until I let it escape.

Copyright 2013.

Nobody's Woman

I'm a full grown woman. Why can't I find a half grown man?
I'm just kiddin, I'm not settling and that's the case at hand.
Dating has become such a task, a chore; I must be a bore? 
Coz I don't twerk it like she do, work the kinda job his last
GURL did. I just can't deal with it. You see I've gotten so fed up,
hate won't fill me up. Ya feel me?…I don't wanna go there.
Lawd knows I don't. But something is wrong. It's not all about me. 
I'm the last and the least. Still I'm gonna demand my respect,
it's the queen in me. Nah, I put up wit a lot of things but a lying ,
trifling, non azz wiping man ain't one of them. These lips-of-mine
can be stubborn and mischievous. So rough Carmex can't soften
them up. Ladies, it just seems unfair the way men look at
my housing, clothing, like I'm a hood rat. Like they
are so up to par, as they roll around driving rental cars, living
at home wit mama and work temp jobs. Still, I'm good at
the bar. Oh yeah, I look good enuff to give a head applause.
Until I put em on blast, smash those sweetie grins real fast
like a bad car accident. And then I'm a crazee azz bytch!
Then so be it. I'm love sick y'all and it's terminal. I've fought
a good, long, hard fight. I just can't seem to find a man that's
right for meeee. I'm not chasing_____  hold on. It's
the fact that every man  I meet wants to be out of his league.
He's either above or below me. Or out of his rabbit azz mind!!!
There comes a time when you wait for some things too long.
You know what… guess what. Love can kiss my black behind.
I'm not lying y'all. I'm sooo done wit the online, offline, hotlines
and chat lines. These blurred lines have ran from my page.
As Robin Thicke would sing, in a different way.  I guess…
I'd rather be my own fool than to ever think, love and I could be
cool like that… That my life could be possible like that...


My Choice

~ My Choice~ the name of tears
Nights crying...trying to conquer my fears
Hearts the name of love that of a black dove
Captured......Within the blink of an eye
No retreating this prison
He screams for me to come to him

I shout at the top of my lungs
Release me
But he never hears me 
The noise drowns
It was your choice
You chose his way
You chose to stay

Clouds darken......a soul gone astray
Lost and forlorn..... A heart turned gray
Shallow breath..... As I beg for death
No retreating this prison
He screams for me to come to him

I whimper
as I crawl into the fetal position
I'm sorry
I didn't mean to fall
But he never hears me
The noise drowns
It was my choice
I chose his way
I chose to stay

The Valley

Tho I walked through the valley
I smiled
No longer exiled
For I am in my garden of Eden
Yes I was born a heathen
But I turned my life around
And I proudly wear this crown
A queen maybe not
But royalty best believe
Why cause I achieved
The wealth of loving myself
Death hung at my feet
But I dared to not give up
And too reach for my dreams
The stars have lit my way
Through that valley today
My lows no longer touch the ground
And my highs are closer then the sky
I've got my eye on the prize
Glad I didn't believe the lies
As my flesh becomes new
My verses grew
To a state
For I will never break
Too much at stake
Throw that negativity into the lake
Let the fire burn
As the rose blooms
On snow covered ponds
Summer sings that song
The kiss of the morning dew
As I forgive myself
And life starts anew...

There Were Signs

There were signs
From the beginning
I knew I wasn't going to be winning
To him always sinning
Didn't grow up that way
I still ask my self
WHY did I stay?
Guilt on top of lies
So many tears shed from these eyes
The drops a sea
Of what we would never be...


From the silent treatment
To years of name calls
Making me always take the fall
To his verbal contusion's
Lowered self esteem
Berating my dreams
Felt less then a woman
Just wanted to be loved...


It started with a poke
I was a joke
Blood pours
On the mental scars of my
Already fragile heart
Pulling of my hair
Oh but he never did care
Who was there
Dragging me across rooms
Scars still show the burns
Love with no discern
Threats of death
Wow that's what he did best...


I was not Godly
Was lower then him
Remembering how
He used Jesus against me
He told me
I was worse the Eve
I questioned my faith
He used his knowledge
To chastise
And criticize...


Molesting my heart body and soul
So cold
If the truth be told
Still hard to speak
On the acts he did to me
Igniting my pain
Ravaging my body
Leaves a bloody taste in my mouth

Broken bones
Are now pitted with his ashes
So many a night I was at the
End of his lashing
For years draped
In a crimson sash
But soon learned to take my life back..
I NOW stand as much more
Then a survivor
I'm A thriver...

Taken from When Darkness Comes To Light available to buy on Amazon



As I soar to invisibility 
I dream of you 
Fly away with me 
Let's be free 
Let's soar like an eagle
Two hearts
One beat
Let's see
What no other can see
That love can conquer
The world
Let's live again
If only for one moment
Let time stand frozen
Trapped in each others arms
Away from harm
Draped in your embrace
Safe in your cape
My sweet escape
From life's woe
Today I'm not cold
Moist kisses
So delicious
As I whisper
I adore you
I implore you
To grab my hand
Let me save you
from your solitude
An interlude
To what's to come
Let's live
And be in love
As doves begin to sing
A girl can always
Hold on to her dreams

The Call Of The Wild

I remain in a dream like state
Why can't every thing
just fade away
Falsmatic symphony's
Playing with my reality
Has it messing with my mentally
Psychotic tendencies
Dependent on psychedelic rhymes
Loosing faith
In the raindrops
Denied by the tears I cry
Composed by the call of the wild
Walls indented
No incentives
Take the pain away
And live free
Mistaken identity
Diminished visions
By a blind mans captivity
Droughts taking the breath
Out of the land
Such anger at hand
Pedestals and thrones
Porcelain Gods
And bleeding clones
Stealing from the night
As I sit back and hear the cries
I sigh
The call of the wild
A unruly stepchild
Originality left for dead
Pumped with false knowledge
Death of a thousand lies
My Ink leaks
As this pen bleeds goodnight...

You ever met an angel

You ever met an angel
I've met mines....

if I'd let beauty
tell the story it'll
say for the hundredth
time / the worlds perception
of amazing before her mirror
is defined even if an empty
can and a broken spark was
the brilliance that assembled
her mind

First attraction is
usually what keeps
us blind / that soft
that tames your hand
when comfortable grants
you permission to meet
the load she held behind/
or a figure that's shaped
like that glass that uses
Sand to portray time but
if my description of beautiful
glorified her smile every word
that came after would lose
it's place in line

After this love was
born what my eyes
use to swipe as
beauty my mind
would decline / the
care for what appeared
between each blink faded
with time / what it took
to flip the switch that sat
under what's registered
as amazed grew in size,
what she offered was
a greater bright it dimmed
the light of that beginners
interest to expose the dark
between her thighs

You ever met an angel?

Does her equipment
support your eyes?

That bird was born
with wings it doesn't
mean it's destined to
meet the sky / if I told
you I could sing would
you applaud before I
tried? / don't assume
you've witnessed beauty
until she uncovered what's
hidden inside

Have you ever met an angel ?

This time around
I swear I've met mine
because I'm yet to spot
my wings but whenever
she's near to the ground
I am blind / when time
shackles our presence
with every second we
share the sky living
beyond the clouds rumor
has it where angels reside

You ever met an angel

© 2013 viewtifulink

Friends with wordz

Friends with wordz

I've come to the
conclusion that my
head shelters an
addict / his addiction
inspiration which turned
my mind to a gun it's
type machine with the
selector switch on automatic

boats and truckloads
of words a fiend for mental
traffic / my eyes and ears
a bridge for information while
my pen creates your passage

A salve to the
reader he's made
me proud to call
you master / your
reactions to my thoughts
and notebook clashes feeds
my passion which was conceived
by his addiction so his high forces
my action this means we need you
the most absent your response my
systems crashing

Can't remember the last
time this mind was ruled
by me / this love for chaining
words never fed my heart
this artistic beat / this blood
that filled my veins used to
look like yours I can't explain
this ink / I blame his addiction
gods messenger sent to awaken
what he planted in me

We all have that
drive it's control
we can't explain /
I understand now
it's your purpose
demanding change /
once you locate
the reason your
blessings of life
was gained you'll
understand why the
mental override was

Friends with wordz

© 2013 viewtifulink

Sparrows Splash

Sparrows Splash

Little sparrow lands,
Sips water from bird bath,
Then a splash.

Copyright 2013.

Old hello's

Old hello's

Scars.... Are physical
reminders of lessons
some in which he
wish he didn't have
to learn / time supposedly
heals all but certain relations
kept him linked to that lessons
initial burn

His hero as a
child never was
viewed through a
tv screen / his
dad and the time
they shared wasn't
much but to him
granted the world couldn't
mimc it's means

his father also
a mother her role
stolen as he was
conceived so his father
worked double making
sure the blessings from two
was always received

When ever his father
worked he would pay
visits to uncle dean /
now dean wasn't blood
related but time hand
crafted his family positioning

He trusted him...
his uncle...
family declared by
time a real brother
his father made it
seem but when ever
his care was at hand
he was forced to embrace
an awkward scene

The pain would all
begin once his uncle
said " lets play bring to
life uncles favorite dream " /
a game he hated to play but
was told never to tell or
his dad was someone he can
forget about ever seeing

He trusted him...
a child yet he knew
right from wrong a
concept which told him
fun never had to sting
but the love he had for
his hero kept him silent
he never said a thing

Now an adult...
and the sight of his father
reminds him of dean/
the old tales he repeatedly
told gradually removed the
scabs reintroducing them
childhood stings / vivid
memories brought back
to life every scene when he
heard his name / stripped
of his innocence tied down
and told you'll feel pressure
but promise not to scream

Old hello's

© 2013 viewtifulink



Mental stains with
the ability to relocate
his state while disregarding
the stationing of his feet /
death strolls with a smirk
bullets directing its step and still
with a memory he's placed
where he wants to be

Bliss preserved to
carry him through
horrid realities so
even when his eyes
are alined with defeat
all he sees is his reasons
to breathe

His lungs feed, the
air corrupted by the
foul of broken families
men this army turned his
brothers a war which labeled
them casualties / still through
the toxins he manages to only
smell the sweet his baby
alway left on his shirt it was
her mothers favorite cream


" daddy! " he fell in love
with the fact that he
was someone she'd forever
need / explosions in addition
to the lives sneaking away from
their beings made for a dreadful
sound he hates when devastation

his memory deprived
him of all the havoc
that would ring by
substituting its sound
with the love in his
daughters scream

" daddy! " hearing her
call him repeatedly
added fuel to his burning
desire of a reuniting scenery /
He made it home thanks to
a loving memory of one who
doubled the reason to why his
heart should continue to beat


© 2013 viewtifulink

Night Walkers

Night Walkers

On through the darkness,
Under the fiercely lit moon,Creatures eat silent.

Copyright 2013.

The Crow

The Crow

Black crow sits quiet,
Preening soft velvet feathers,
Soaking up the sun.

Copyright 2013.

Pen'D Poem: September 1 - 7


A gentle cool breeze,
Whispers summers name,
Sun scorches frail skin,
As the day drones on.

Clouds float with ease,
Whilst I sit there,
In my own little world,
Dreaming in peace.

Time as no meaning,
As everything rolls by,
Only silence reigns,
Leaving solitude to dance.

Soon reality wakes me,
Bringing my senses alive,
But deep down inside,
I long to go back there.

Raven Lee Baxter

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