Fire and Water written by J.V. Stanley & A.N. Ramey

J.V. Stanley & A.N. Ramey Fire and Water
Two lifelong poets, sisters, and best friends have fused together to bring you a variety of poems designed to melt the heart and inspire the soul. Separated for a time and coming back together stronger than ever they proudly present, "Fire and Water." The poems touch upon the earthly and otherworldly cares, delving into the complexities of the soul through the various trials faced through love, heartache, and everything in between. Join them on their journey through the dark and into the light. Travel with them through the gauntlet of poetic life with its obstacles at every turn. Each challenge they faced, however, paved the way for them to step forward with fierce determination and ever present love. Their poetry is mostly free-verse, but touch upon various forms such as the Kyrielle, Harrishma Rhyme, the Italian Sonnet, Etheree, and Twin Etheree.
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Pen'D Poem: October 27 - November 2

#My Life as a Human - Entry #13 - Dreamer's Declaration

I have all this nervous energy coursing through my veins.

 I can feel anticipation, anxiety, fear, restlessness...and Serenity?

My mind boggles at the body's capacity to withstand so much at the same time, 

in a matter of mere minute seconds, balled up and ready to explode.

How is this possible? Why is it possible?
My mind races, so much to do, so much to get done.
My dreams are no longer secrets, my dreams are no longer 'dreams'. 

They have morphed, capsized and regained consciousness. 

Life has been breathed...resurrected... I have dreamed, no! 

I have breathed (exhales) life into my dreams. Finally.

Finally I am no longer an escape artist. An escapist of my dreams, of my fears, of failure, of rejection. Finally I am a dreamer realized. Recognized. No longer hospitalized. No longer imprisoned.
I have done what was once thought impossible. I have set fire to my dreams. 

I have let them out and commanded, no! Demanded, that they roam free and wide and fierce!
I have declared a revolution on my fears, An Evolution on my Dreams.

I am free. I am free. Finally, I am me. 


-Y. Salmon  

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  1. Thank you so much my dear!! This is really an honour :). Much hugs and love!!!


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