Fire and Water written by J.V. Stanley & A.N. Ramey

J.V. Stanley & A.N. Ramey Fire and Water
Two lifelong poets, sisters, and best friends have fused together to bring you a variety of poems designed to melt the heart and inspire the soul. Separated for a time and coming back together stronger than ever they proudly present, "Fire and Water." The poems touch upon the earthly and otherworldly cares, delving into the complexities of the soul through the various trials faced through love, heartache, and everything in between. Join them on their journey through the dark and into the light. Travel with them through the gauntlet of poetic life with its obstacles at every turn. Each challenge they faced, however, paved the way for them to step forward with fierce determination and ever present love. Their poetry is mostly free-verse, but touch upon various forms such as the Kyrielle, Harrishma Rhyme, the Italian Sonnet, Etheree, and Twin Etheree.
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Wisdom Is The Light of Ink

Wisdom unfold the bright souls,
On the tips and pinnacles of pens fate,
In the youth of ink, meant to bring light upon
The paper…mindful ink dries the air
Mingled in the construct, where two eyes meet…
Lighted by wisdom's ink….

Crisp is the sound
as I turn your pages
Reading your world
Engaged in your scriptures
Motivated to grab my pen
to scribe about the girl
Inside of a womanly shell
we got story's to tell
Our eyes meet
our volumes begin to speak
Wrapped up in ink
that’s black and blue
some old…
But our experience is all but new
I burn a sage stick to our unity
finding words that stick like cement
Building us up with tar
as you depict your thought
my atoms split
as I dive onto this synergy
you complete me!

Winding in completeness, fresh and renewed,
Gilded are the pages of Mindness, marveled,
Presented her ideal, happy into detail,Self-esteem,
Means, between two extremes in Between her intellect,
And our ink, as so classical ideal of balance…defined,
The woman in her shell, the other of her virtue,
Similarly defined, her story becomes directorial,
Of correct course of action, of a resultantpicture,
Of a gentleman, in hope of matching her standard
Conduct; occupies the minds higher position,
The whole of this synergy….is of a higher good….
The ink is….spilled for her….next splatter….
The eye into the journey waits…..

Imagine The Morning With Her

Jeffery Sanders Sr II
I was awakened by a second meeting
Star dust, following me in a time and place,
I was not alone, but the invisible made visible,
I felt so free, so enlighten, I opened up into
What was thought to be a dream, until I realized
I was a captive in her heart, in her love…captivated
By our soulful integration, in her richness, her aliveness,
All inspiring, was I in a state of purity of love…
Then she reached out and touched me in a creative fantasy,
Open the treasure house of her simplicity, and sprinkled me
From the faucet of balance, and there I was standing without
Concern, no worries no complaint, she had subtly entered my
Heart, the prior night before, and drifted around in my dreams,
Encasing my mind in gentle experiences, skillfully guiding me
Through my own obstacles and brought herself to allow me to
See her in clarity of perception, and the door of inner peace
Opened…suddenly she said I love you, without external
Conditions, and then I closed my eyes or did she command
Them to close, or did she want me to follow over the star
Dust road, I found myself on and odyssey into my soul,
And was being happy inside the life of her world…..

JH Poet (Poetry in a minute) Embarrassing Me

 Black man, you embarrass me so
pride is gone, living in dark shadows
falling prey to the pot of gold at
the end of the rainbow
where is my warrior?
helpless, can't help us, won't help period
little punks being raised by mama's
daddies a punk too so he runs further
hating on his color, hate his color
the women that wear it
the fairer the better, but he complains
shitz not fair....
weak minds
weaker hearts that no longer love
confused, misused, and abused body parts
thrown in the lions den
for the black woman to fin for herself
you dress like her
talk like the feminine kind
breaking the bond of natural ties
braids ravish your spine
pants sag to the ground
won't come around until stamp day
and that's a maybe in this economy
you say you're just trying to make it
but I ask why didn't you fight for me,
for us and our families
pride is gone
the warrior is worn
just leave me alone
I have no man to call my own
just leave me alone... embarrassing me


Pen'D Poem: May 12 - 18

  ~ Glass Heart { Mr. Wrong } ~
By Marcia Martin

Addicted to breakin hearts, its your healing process to bury and not show your own hurt and fears. Your eyes so beautiful filled with such grief and animosity. Trying to save you from the depth of the past pain. In your lows you see reward yet when your high your screaming out to be rescued and loved. I try to break free before I fall victim to your love, its to late because you chained me to your soul. The venom you speak brings me to my knees as your love for lying over take my core fills it until it burst. Shed so many tears they have turned scarlet. Walking through your webs of spun poison inhaling and digest your misery and heartache just to hold on to you. Our chemistry has me in a daze, how is it possible to broken souls can work, it can't two negatives can't make a positive. I can't help you and your help to me is watching me suffer. I pick you up when other put you down but when others put me down you join them and laugh and go fuck the next they come back to me only to but me deep in painful hell. I give u 100% of me and I only 3% of you yet I can't turn and leave you, I can't move on, Im addicted to your pain of love. You are for me and Im for you. Our pain completes each other. Your pain heals me and I'll take the heartbreak you give me just to emigre in your black heart. You can't tell your lies of love from fake or real.

S_trength of the H_ope we share A_dvise others T_o watch our love story to T_ell E_verbody how powerful and passionate and R_eal our love is and feel our E_nergy as its emerged D_aily.

I continue to run to you but you push me away until you need me then you pull me into your heart and protect me from pure love only to give me tainted love. You saw in me and scared lil girl who couldn't be saved but desired to heal others and you played on that because I'm to damaged to feel or no what love is or truly feels like. You see my crying and walk by with joy, even though I'm crying tears of regret. When u hold me close I'm breaking down slowly but more every minute because I listen as your heart beat someone else's name. Drowning in a whirlwind of a depression of passion. I know I deserve someone better but you have me intertwined beyond the depth of the core of your soul so I can't excape. My rich smile that allured my face is now a broken smile overshadowed by screaming tears. I know everybody makes mistakes and its the smart ones who profit from it, yet you continue to do the same thing making it no longer a mistake, its just who you are. Going insane spinning out of control losing myself trying to chase after you and love you and you just abandon me. My souls is the calmest when its calling out for you to come back and when you do I breathe in ur lies as if it your love you have for me.

S_ufferin H_ollow A_sphyxiate T_ension T_ribulation E_xtinct R_agged E_nervate D_reary.


Moments In Life

Sometimes I wish
god equipped my
jaw with the clinch
of a pitt... Or blessed
me with hands the size
of your mental vision
of his.... Sometimes life
I can't stand like my
legs were severed at
the hips, somedays
I wish I had a switch that enabled a moment
to quit

What if you had
a break from every
thought that advertised
a struggle....all your
worries disappeared absent
resistance there's no reason
to huddle, I just need a few
moments to free myself from
uninvited trouble it's like every
other step I'm giving a reason
to stumble

they say these moments
make us who we are...
what if I said I'm content
with who I am by far?
if I know I've reached
my limit I deny my
vision toward the bar
I wish some moments
were an option it's still
okay to walk even though
you own a car

If you haven't
lived on earth it wouldn't
be extraordinary to reach
the stars, yes I know ones
strength is determined by his
wounds or her scars

But there's no
more room,My
soul is stained by times
of hard.... My skin saturated
by poverty my presence expected
behind bars

Living in this skin
as a man is a constant
spar just dismiss the
training gear and substitute
the ring with a jar....

there is no escape
the lid sealed shut
with my life to guard,
so imagine all my
wounds no space to
move I'm plagued with

I can't afford to
fail the cost is
beyond my spending
limit.. Certain moments
I don't desire living like
such has me timid

Moments in life
© 2013 viewtifulink

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