Fire and Water written by J.V. Stanley & A.N. Ramey

J.V. Stanley & A.N. Ramey Fire and Water
Two lifelong poets, sisters, and best friends have fused together to bring you a variety of poems designed to melt the heart and inspire the soul. Separated for a time and coming back together stronger than ever they proudly present, "Fire and Water." The poems touch upon the earthly and otherworldly cares, delving into the complexities of the soul through the various trials faced through love, heartache, and everything in between. Join them on their journey through the dark and into the light. Travel with them through the gauntlet of poetic life with its obstacles at every turn. Each challenge they faced, however, paved the way for them to step forward with fierce determination and ever present love. Their poetry is mostly free-verse, but touch upon various forms such as the Kyrielle, Harrishma Rhyme, the Italian Sonnet, Etheree, and Twin Etheree.
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Kriminal Espionagle

Da baddest in da game still makin heads turns, still got da lips dat makes lollie pop smile, killah thick thigh. I don't sweat nigga an I don't fight ova dick. Yep I still got fake bitches drop their heads when I walk cuz they know they will neva catch my level. I stay tru to who I am an my intrigrity while I'm grindin at da top cuz weak fuckers get to da top an hang cuz da feeble. Yep I'm dat bitch dat got a mean bite, my hustle game even stronga. My full time neva endin job is stayin alive. I will foreva reign da baddest bitch in da game: {B}orn {I}ntentionally {T}o {C}heck {H}oes
I stay fuckin ova nigga while keepin on their knees beggin just for a chance. Comin at me wit weak lines, " Sexi legs lil mami, wat time they open? " I laugh an say when ur broke ass step ur game as I jack off by leavin broke an in tears. Damn I hate to see a broke bitch cry. Grow sum balls an get up an grind. Im-a strong independent woman who can make a man wanna step it up. I know I make hoes sick but I be damn if they don't RESPECT me. Loyalty flows thru my vains like its my next breath. Cops think they ahead of me, then they realize I got them on a chase an I'm unstoppable. Break me, u wish u could. I'm built tough an been thru da war zone an when u counted me out dats when I rose to da top an brought u down to ur knees, now bow before me. Lames an weak pussies take note an let it be known u cant break me, I'm already broken but more put 2gether than u. Think u scare me.... Beep... Beep... Beep...
Dis just in listen closely, I've danced wit evil, lost my soul, sleep wit da enemy, saw da devil take my life, even seen death in my heart. Meanin even though I'm here, I live in hell. U cant hurt me or touch me. Thru da fire I still shine an yes I encourage all yall to hate on me in every way. I gotta keep my fan club happy. Im all bout my currency sumthin u don't have. Ima ride or die bitch, dats know how to handle business in da streets ( Mz. Classy ). Now when I'm in da sex room I'm ( Mz. Tasty Beast ). Catch me there in a sex swing gettin flipped upside down or doin a full split on my man's tounge, or makin my toes touch my neck while he's deep in my pussy makin my pussy skeet. Hell yeah Ima hella freak for ur pleasure, I'll let u watch. I know can't no1 out fuck me. I got grown women askin me for sex advice, cuz she lame. Top bitch has graced u wit a lesson. Now know dis, Ima self made hustla. Ima grind all day, fuck sleep I'll do dat shit when I close my eyes for da last time.

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