Fire and Water written by J.V. Stanley & A.N. Ramey

J.V. Stanley & A.N. Ramey Fire and Water
Two lifelong poets, sisters, and best friends have fused together to bring you a variety of poems designed to melt the heart and inspire the soul. Separated for a time and coming back together stronger than ever they proudly present, "Fire and Water." The poems touch upon the earthly and otherworldly cares, delving into the complexities of the soul through the various trials faced through love, heartache, and everything in between. Join them on their journey through the dark and into the light. Travel with them through the gauntlet of poetic life with its obstacles at every turn. Each challenge they faced, however, paved the way for them to step forward with fierce determination and ever present love. Their poetry is mostly free-verse, but touch upon various forms such as the Kyrielle, Harrishma Rhyme, the Italian Sonnet, Etheree, and Twin Etheree.
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A Woman's Worth {For Mature Readers}

~ A Woman's Worth ~

Its true its a man's world, but real women make it go round. Woman are the backbone of this world yet men treat women like they are less superior to us, if you command the world. A real woman knows how to hold down a man. Sure, their are some messed up women in the world that can and will brings heartache to yall's relationship, that's when instead of making her feel lower leave, let her learn how to be a woman in her own time. The reason so many relationships fail is lack of loyalty, lies, no friendship, abuse, devotion, love, communication, trust, honesty, faith, cheating, and jealousy. Its really awful. A women don't wont a weak man but she also don't want a dominant man. She want a strong man to care for her be her backbone, her support system. A woman wants a man who can and does take responsibility for their actions right or wrong. A man who can take responsibility for their wrong deeds shows how much respect he has for his woman. A woman wants a man who knows the difference between hearing and listening. Hearing it goes in one ear and out the other, listening means your opening up all of yourself to listen to her. A woman want a man who know how to let go his past focusing only on her, don't make her feel or put her second best to anyone. If she is the queen of your heart show her. A woman desires a man with compassion, who know the difference between fucking, having sex, and making love. A woman wants a man to know her inside out. A woman doesn't want you to step to her saying baby come give daddy head, inside it makes her feel worthless like she is nothing to you. Baby, lets have sex, that's just to feed your pleasure, but what about hers. Now when your heart connects with her heart, that's when she feels your love inside out. Shes trusting her body with yours. A woman wants a man to understand they are not going to always be perfect, but she don't expect you to be either. A woman does expect you to respect her, yourself and yall's relationship. Cheating on a woman brings her down to her knees, drowning in tears quicker than almost anything. Why, she starts feeling ineffectual to all women, when she shouldn't. No women are the same. You as a man see something better in another woman that you may not see in the woman you with, but understand, if she ( the other woman ) is willing to come in between yall's relationship it shows her lack of self worth also your self worth. Trust is like a beautiful rose in full bloom, but once the petals get torn and ripped off the bud shredded up they can't be placed back on the rose. Sure there will be times where trust and faith are tested, but the rose always come back bigger and brighter. A woman wants a man who knows what a profound intimacy connection feels like. Faith plays a huge role in all relationships, but its the core of real trust, once its shattered, its beyond repair. You can't see the damage but its there. Don't let it get shattered then you will see it continue to grow stronger deeper in each other. Even when it hurts tell the truth. Love, is so strange it always ends before it really begins. Love is pain, tears, blood, beauty, sorrow, charm, joy, hope, and fight. Love is battle, your goin to fight daily, with each other, for each other and against each other. Pain is love and sorrow intertwine in one. Your going to have bad times good times, but its your fight in how u deal with it, by taken the cowards way out or fighting for someone and something real. All a real woman wants is to be truly love. If your willing to give up, give in on love easy, then your willing to give up give in on yourself just as easy. Women if your weak man don't wont to act right treating you bad, kick him up out your life don't keep falling for tired lames, find a real man because until you do he will keep bringing you down allowing this abuse to continue because your letting him and allowing him to break you down.

Lips Of Pain

~ Lips Of Pain ~

Waiting for it to all end....... Digging in my eyes with sharp knifes, crawling through broken glass, intertwined in thorns. Sucked into a whirlwind of heartache. Each day instead of falling more in love with you, I'm fall in love with your endless lies. I won't to leave but the hold you have on me is to strong for me to leave. There is nothing I won't do for us, but I can't stay in this misery. Lost in my skin, lost in my mind, yet I'm healed, found in your heart and soul where I continue to be damaged. Our love is a blessing and curse tied in one. Our chemistry is very real yet the tears I shed can't be unrolled. You trashed our joined hearts the time we became one. You say the most beautiful things but I see through you, you have became transparent to me. You spoke daggers out of your mouth to cut my body to shreds. Waking up to a sunrise of lies, giving love of lies through out the day, a sunset of us each night. You sleep peaceful, while I'm in seclusion only comforted by my crimson shattered heart tears. Do u even care? Of course you don't you never looked at me, but you have even seen the core of my soul explode with total anguish before your eyes looking at me with glee. You inhaled my pure love while I suffered inhaling depression. You promised me that we would never be temporary, but its sad we was actually less than temporary. I have build up a fort because I don't won't anyone to see the devastation you placed in my heart. Your desire was to see me die by your hands, you done what you set out to do, except you didn't kill me with your hands you did it with your mouth. You can give me all the diamonds, pearls and exquisite things you want, but it won't change the fact that you placed me in a living hell. Bleeding apathy rich before your eyes, begging you to see how you are destroying me. You claim you love me, but love isn't suppose to cause this much malevolent. A part of my heart died with all your lies you blew in me. With each blood stained kiss you placed upon me with your sweet lips that are full of nothing but toxic pain you annihilate me more . Waiting for it to all begin......

Free Slaves

Free slaves

We live in a world
where a violent reputation
is a cause for celebration...
my brother kills his brother
just to increase our prison
population.... Everyday were
aiding in our own elimination,
half of us in jail the other half
with god or Satan the KKK never
died we just swapped their mask
with our colored faces

looking back I've watched
every year worsen its
captive generation... the
older i got the younger
became the victims
plagued by this violence
infatuation, success developed
a different meaning standards
Assembled by our ghettos
segregation, you place to
starving rabbits in a cage
and time will make sure
they forget their source
of food is vegetation

The perfect manipulation
a reality that flees from
our people's mental
registration... As long as
we keep this up to their
Plan we'll be its statistical

I call us free slaves
because those chains
you can no longer see..
but like animals we react
those chains revoked our
rights to be human beings

a leash contains
the wild crippling
the reach in a particular
beast... We've been freed
but portray wild this isn't
how "people" are supposed
to be

Poverty provides
our struggle while
they lend us destruction
to obtain our needs..
drugs and guns an infection
distributed which claims to
cure and set us free.. Money
Eases the struggle yet encourages
devastation with whats supplied
to acquire it means...
we're trapped here with nothing
but their ingredients to freedom hunger
aids the thought of making a reality out
of that dream

Free slaves

2013 © viewtifulink

Pieces of a Mirror

~ Pieces of a Mirror ~
Feat. Rastalady

Oh..shyt... 7 yrs bad luck they say when a mirror U break. So i quickly try to pick up the pieces. Pricking my finger i watch it bleed..and then see my red reflection in this piece. Recalling a time my soul bled. Broken promises cut so deep. And i pick up another piece and see a little girl staring back at me...wondering if she recognizes me? Is she proud of how much I've grown and who Ive become? Or is it disgust that makes her frown? The next piece i have to look at deep...half of a face is all i make out. What does this piece mean? Maybe i don't even know me? Or is it a secret i don't share with you? Then i retrieve a piece old lady?? Who could this be? I don't recall meeting she my future me...looking so elegantly? What tales could she share? Would it be fair if she could talk? Tell me what i need to hear. The last piece i pick up..there is no reflection at all now I'm this the death of me? Staring into being blank? Will people remember me? And see me for who i was? 

I was born wit bad luck, whats 7 more years. I take my fist punch da mirror an watch an feel as da glass burst all round me. Turnin round in da glass as it falls almost if I'm dancin in da fallen glass lookin at my reflections. Sum young, sum old, sum just black. I drop to my knees an look at myself. Thinkin, who da hell is she? She cant be me, dis lil gyrl so full of lyfe, then i quickly see da reflection fade away. I search thru da glass only to find me, her, i don't know. I hear da voices of da glass talkin tellin da story of da reflection, but everythang in da room is so silent an still. Cuttin my flesh as i crawl thru an in da broken pieces. I pick up anotha i see, me wit my kids, then da 1 I'm missin slowly fades as i scream out beggin her her to come back, as her last words are good bye mommy, i love u. I cry, not clear tears but black, yet i have on no make up. I pick up anotha piece me 13yrs old hand full of pills. Did i shattered my lyfe or was i born cursed in pain. I cant take wat I'm seein but I'm frozen in da glass of my reflection, tyme to face da damaged me. Can I now save me? I see my kids wit me in anotha piece, wait their at my coffin, but there nt older their still young. I smash da glass, cant take wat I'm seein but i hear my kids cry out for me. I then pick up anotha piece, edges so sharp it cuts me so deep my soul bleeds. I'm standin ova my dads coffin. All dis misery i cant take it. Da reflections, da voices, da stories behind da reflection. I yell out stop. They just get loud. Is it torture or is it wisdom, to give me strength. I take a piece an i see, me pinned down as a child. I drop da glass. I pick up to long pieces. I have mirror part facin down, i cant take seein me no more. Wait what if its my happiest tyme? It cant be, I'm da princess of pain. I endured so much of it. I eagerly jab da sharp edge mirror pieces in my eyes, now i really see my shattered lyfe in a mirror, i cant even cry, I'm just goin to let my reflections cry for me.

Nobody Listened When They Cried

~ Nobody Listened When They Cried ~

America home of the brave, true to a point but, y'all men so quick to jump to say we are rulers of this kingdom know as the world. It may be a man's world, but trust it wouldn't be anything if it wasn't for little girls that grow up to be strong women. Women are da backbone of this world, if not for a woman you would'nt be here now and this is how yall repay us. We strong women have to take up your slack raising the next generation up of young girls to be even stronger than we are now. Its true not all women are strong, some are weak, where are yall to help those women through. A woman is at rock bottom when she sells herself to put food on the table for her kids, putting them through school, and clothes on their backs. Where are you to lift her up my strong men? In order for a woman to get known or heard, she has to show her lips, hips, and thighs anything else is unexceptionable in yall's eyes. Let me remove all my clothes to speak my mind, but wait then your sole focus will be only on my body not me building up the lives of those going down in flames all round. Men so quick to say women can't run anything we are only good for spreading our legs laying on our backs. We are the loudest voice but we can't be heard due to lames like y'all who claim to know and have it all. When will y'all finally open your eyes seeing all that we bring forth more than what you know. We have a brain and mind of our own also. True not all men are like this and for that we women bow and say THANK YOU for your respect. America home of the brave but, got little kids dropping out of school to sell crack for you. Telling them education aint the way to go. You can get quick money slanging. Crooked cops in on it cause they also profit, and they suppose to serve and protect, who themselves and you its certainly not us. Not caring bout da little kids running up and down the streets. When the little kid gets gunned down, for making a run for you. Its fine for you the crooked cops looking the other way covering themselves quickly looking for replacements to keep things moving to keep blood money flowing. Do u even think about the family of the little 13year old you had killed? You may not have pulled the trigger true enough, but you handed them the loaded gun. No mother and father should have to bury their child, it should be the other way around. Why they crying at night you counting money. America home of the brave but, parent's can't send there kids to school, why teachers having sex with them molesting the innocent kids. Grown people who know better. The child is tainted for life, thinking he or she said they loved me, when all along it was abuse. What does a 16 year know about the responsible of sex or love from an adult. They preying on easy targets your sitting their letting it happen. Saying, we working to end it but the numbers keep risen up more. Then when the teenage girl comes up pregnant, he, the teacher takes her to get the abortion. He don't won't his wife and kids to find out, telling her its all love for her, while still damaging her, but keeps up his actions with other girls as well with her. Lets not forget the female teachers who are using young teen boys for her own sexual gratification since claim they lonely or husband aint around. Sad to say they preying on younger kids 6 and 7 year olds. Now they scared for life, but do you care, its not u or your child, but what if it was?

Why are we mad?

Why are we mad?

Rip Trayvon Martin I just hope we all are screaming this for the same reason... Death doesn't discriminate we all owe him a hello

So I ask why are we

We as in all
who's fleshed
is blessed by the
haunting of my
darkened color
skin... Our actions
justify the theft of
life we say okay to
those who share
this rich complexion

we praise he
who murders
until the life
taken is one
you considered
a brother... now
heartbreak stains your
face you may have shared
the same mother... Every
other day the media screaming
look they killing one
another and you
pretended to be death until
the threat wasn't a brother

So again I ask why are
we mad?.... Ill wait..

I'm mad because
this case has built
a cage for your attention,
only because the accused
race your televisions was forced
to mention, black on black crime
is "normal" I guess routine
has most y'all care on suspension
yesterdays killings you ignored
but today your screaming gun

Never will I imply
what Zimmerman did
wasn't wrong just make sure
next time your brother kills
his brother your singing
this same song... Make sure
them new shoes Dr. King died
for us to wear isn't torn before
their worn, He has us walking
in the right direction but "we"
continue to portray violence
as the means to why were

Why are we mad?

© 2013 viewtifulink

I'm an artist

I'm an artist...

The pictures i paint
aren't easily seen
they require one
To think In addition
to their desire to read

Paintings summoned by
my thoughts and their
salve like hunger towards
being free while equipped with
the sex drive of a man who'd
been locked down since ninety
three, this pad beneath my pen
it's only option for a release so
I write satisfaction shaped as
letters the ink portraying my
mental peak

I'm an artist...

Keep from thought
creative writing
a prince to its king
titled artistry... With
thunder I saturate my
skill of imagery so when
you read it's mandatory
my expression is vividly

I'm an artist...

my brush absent
a bristle when these
thoughts are stained..
this strategic mess
I spread with anything
willing to leave its presence
on the scene... The utensil
Needs my thoughts like
your joy needs your pain
the expensive price of a
loss is cheap if their was
no worth in what's to

I'm a writer....

What I feed
your eyes is
considered art...
but if you allow
Your mind to eat
you'll witness the
pictures as my thoughts

I'm an artist

© 2013 viewtifulink

Pen'D Poem: July 7 - 13

When Angels Fly 
I happened across an angel 
one day and this is what he said... dear you have such sadness that lingers within your eyes
Although you try to conceal it... I can recognize
The emptiness that surrounds you although your never alone
Even though you are so gentle your heart has turned to 
You cannot be disheartened, you cannot turn your back
Do not close your eyes on life because of things you lack
You must not give in to the pain of so many things to come
Bring everything full circle then all will be undone
You know that I am with you forever and a day
But you must listen to me and everything I say
For I will never harm you nor let life's path drag you down
The flutter of my wings let you know that I'm around
...and with the gentle breeze 
he silently disappeared.
-Debbie Armstrong

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